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David Nestor

David Nestor

Challenging Perceptions

DNFS was established in 1997 by David Nestor, the fourth generation of the Nestor family to be involved in the transport industry spanning back to 1932. Having completed the only third level transport management course available in Ireland in the early nineties at the College of Commerce in Rathmines, David set about using his newly acquired academic knowledge with his natural aptitude for the sector.

An immediate distinction of David’s life from other emerging entrepreneurs was the fact that he was born completely blind. For most people this would have had an expectation of limited employment opportunities and a sheltered lifestyle. The education system and mentors for people with disabilities were not skilled at recognising entrepreneurial potential as it didn’t fit the mould. The lack of Braille books or study aids through college taught David the value of focus and determination which he brought to the transport sector. His doggedness to achieve gave an attitude to persevere through obstacles where most people would gladly relent.

His aspiration for the business was to provide a business environment that offered a menu of services which then allowed one point of contact to fulfil all transport needs. This innovative model allowed clients to choose from driver-accompanied vehicles for international transport through to providing specialist vehicles. Through the use of sub contractors it allowed greater flexibility to manage costs. For David,’ The business model allowed for a higher level of known or fixed costs which created certainty, in that in quieter periods we could shed capacity and in periods of higher demand we could hire in additional capacity. This allowed us to maximise our return from every opportunity.’

His strategy certainly worked and the company experienced huge growth. At the same time David was continually investing in security technology. From the initial activities the company has developed into providing secure transport for high value goods to the extent that it is now the first indigenous Irish company to hold ISO 28000 certification for security in supply chain management.

The recognition in David’s achievements provides him with new challenges, ‘Unorthodox thinking provides a different perspective on how to resolve logistical challenges. ’His ability to go beyond the restrictions and perceptions others have of his disability help us to focus on our own strengths,’ Most people carry some form of impediment with them. Being able to focus on what I can do has helped me to determine my own path.’

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