Operational Flexibility

Our operational flexibility is considered the most valued dimension of DNFS by our clients. We have adapted to incorporate the intensity of JIT planning as a normal lead time, and extreme cyclical variation in demand as routine. A clear example of the kind of supply and demand we comfortably contend with annually is the alcohol distribution market. 70% of alcohol consumption occurs during the last quarter of the year. It
requires ingenuity to have adequate capacity available to service that specific demand, and to then be
able to redeploy the resources to other areas when the requirement ends.

Ability to Respond

The ever changing circumstances for our customers requires an adaptable transport service provider: ship sailing times being brought forward, delays with production, additional urgent orders being received, etc. all create complications, which we are skilled at resolving. DNFS are resourceful and have never failed to satisfy a requirement for our customers in our trading history.

Alternative Thinking

DNFS are committed to helping our customers reduce the carbon footprint associated with the distribution of
their products. Bio Fuel Farm, an operation owned by DNFS, harvested its first crop of rapeseed oil in September 2009. The use of this sustainable fuel (PPO), initially in the company’s utility type vehicles, and as the supporting infrastructure improves in its long haul vehicles, reflects the company’s environmental awareness.

Fresh Thinking on Transport

The current trading environment demands constant review of business practices to ensure greater cost savings. By changing modes of transport DNFS can offer significant cost advantages with the added protection for the cargo provided by Safe Freight. A significant volume of freight which enters and leaves Ireland by means of driver accompanied vehicle is suited to containerisation, and consequently is compatible with intermodal forms of transport.

  • Moving freight by container is significantly cheaper than by road.
  • Containerised freight is less exposed to loss and pilferage as containers are in controlled environments for the majority of each journey, examples being freight- only shipyards, container terminals and the rail network.
  • Freight transported by container is removed from the risk of being affected by illegal driving practices. Many of the transport providers carrying freight by road condone breaches of tacograph laws. Drivers who are not properly rested are a hazard on the road. 1 in 5 fatalities is statistically linked to driver fatigue.
  • Freight moved by container impacts less on the environment.
  • Choosing DNFS as your service provider gives you access to satellite tracked containers, which provide the reassurance of real time monitoring.
  • A reliance solely on driver accompanied shipments increases the risk of loss in unsecure locations and shipment deadlines can lead to poor driver practices.

Containerised freight shipments allow greater flexibility and choosing DNFS as your service provider gives access to our highly evolved tracking system. Our containers are tracked by satellite and allow safe monitoring of your freight whether on the road, travelling by ship or using Europe’s extensive rail network.


DNFS have an enviable reputation in the industry for their ability to deliver clients’ products on time every time. Our unique Safe Freight service and its use of Load Locator provide security that is a leader in
the sector.

Financial Stability

Our strong financial base allows us to invest in all aspects of our business and provides a stable platform
for growth.

Please see a letter from our accountants, Meenaghan & Co

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