Sliding Skeletal Trailers

Sliding Skeletal Trailer

DNFS operate a large fleet of trailers equipped with specialist features. The sliding skellies are ADR compliant and are fitted with a sophisticated satellite tracking system providing the protection of an anti-hijack brake system which is controlled remotely from an IS 228 monitoring station. These skellies can cater for the entire range of ISO containers.

Dry Freight Box Trailers

Dry Freight Box Trailers
Box trailers are solid sided vehicles which are particularly suited to the carriage of high value products. Our box trailers are fitted with load restraint features, which include loadlock systems and gas filled load stabilizing bars. These precautions contribute to securing freight and preventing movement during transit. Our box trailers are fitted with our highly evolved satellite tracking system and anti-hijack brake system. The vehicle fleet number is clearly printed on the roof of each box trailer. This permits, and aids, the use of police air support in the event of a crisis, such as the theft of a vehicle. The option of box trailers fitted with tail-lifts is also available. This enables us to contend with making deliveries or effecting collections from smaller premises, which do not have access to forklift trucks

High Cube Curtainsiders

Curtainsider Trailer
DNFS maintain a consistent specification for all our curtain sided trailers. The side aperture is 122 inches (3099 millimeters) which can cater for maximum sized air freight. The anti-slash curtains are strengthened with a titanium mesh which prevents pilferage. There are aluminum doors and bolts behind the curtains to aid load stability. Of crucial importance for the safety of fork truck drivers is the Omega flooring which has, as part of its formation, a steel rail running from front to rear between each line of floorboards to prevent heavily laden forklifts from causing subsidence to the floor. Each trailer is fitted with our highly evolved satellite tracking and anti-hijack brake system. All trailers are fitted with roof markings to assist Garda air support.

Container Tipping Chassis

Container Tipping Trailer

Resulting from activities in international bulk logistics, DNFS operate tipping chassis capable of discharging 40 foot and 45 foot containers loaded with loose bulk commodities. We are active in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.

High Cube Climate Controlled Trailers

Climate Controlled Trailers

These are designed for the transportation of products which can be frozen to -25 degrees C or ambient to +27 degrees C. Rear door access is 122 inches (3099 millimetres). The Thermo King motors used to regulate the temperature are linked to Blue Tree to allow inspection of current and historical data. The trailers used for our refrigerated transport also utilise our highly evolved satellite tracking system.

Machinery Carriers & Low Loaders

low Loader trailer

DNFS encounter a varied demand for the movement of wheeled, tracked and outsized loads. We have the resources to cater for every load, both within guage and abnormal, for movement nationally and internationally.

Reefer Compatible Sliding Skeletal Trailers

Reefer Compatible Sliding Skeletal Trailer
In order to be in the position to service the requirements of both short and deep sea container lines, DNFS have constructed 15 unique sliding skeletal trailers, fitted with Klinge gensets. We have achieved lowering the design height by 100mm or 4 inches. This design modification is of huge significance to cold chain operators. The reefer floor height, due to the lower skeletal trailer, is compatible with conventional loading docks. A more complete seal between the reefer and the building is formed because the reefer is at the correct height to correspond with the dock. This achieves minimal temperature loss from the building. DNFS are the first transport provider/ FBO in Ireland operating as part of their fleet sliding skeletal trailers, capable of carrying 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft reefers, which maintained fully operational throughout the transport journey.
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