Snow Patrol

Derived from the need to keep our clients facilities safe, and operational, during periods of severe weather conditions, DNFS have established Snow Patrol. DNFS have acquired, or custom built, the equipment necessary to contend with severe ice, and snow accumulations. We are in the position to treat vast open areas such as yards and car parks, as well as pedestrian routes and roadways with salt or grit. Should snow accumulations occur, we can take out our heavy weight snowploughs. These 180hp pushing machines can speedily remove snow drifts, and will allow the free flow of pedestrians and vehicles to recommence.

Our clients are responsible in relation to the care of their staff, and they see preparation for problems as being a priority. The extremity of our winters in the last number of years dictates that harsh weather conditions should be considered as normal, and thereby retaining the ability to manage property, where either staff, the public, or contractors are invited to enter, is crucial, so as to avoid the risk of personal injuries or vehicular accidents from occurring.

DNFS have bulk stocks of salt, and are available to take responsibility for the management of new sites during this winter. If you are interested in learning more about this service, please make contact by e-mailing

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