Reefer Containers

The manner in which goods are transported is a continuously evolving system. Legislative restrictions, such as the working time directive and tacograph guidelines, and the opportunity to apply more cost effective strategies are having a fundamental impact on the choice of transport method. Reefer containers are being chosen as a viable alternative to driver accompanied vehicles as the journey costs are considerably lower and there are no restrictions or limitations, as is the case with driver accompanied vehicles.

DNFS have developed an approach to reefer transportation which overcomes the perceived downside associated with this mode of transport. Traditionally, retrieving historical temperature data from reefers has been a cumbersome process. The availability of trailers fitted with gensets needed to power the reefers has been problematic, and often the height of the reefer relative to conventional loading docks causes issues with loading and off-loading. Another area often considered unsatisfactory is the suitability of reefers to conventional loading docks from the perspective of achieving minimal temperature loss from the building through the rear door.

DNFS have designed and constructed a new form of sliding skeletal trailer which overcomes all of the above issues. Each one of our trailers used for the transportation of reefer containers is fitted with a computer capable of downloading and transmitting information from the datalogger of the reefer unit. This information is crucial to prove that throughout the transport journey, the environment hosting the product was at all stages compliant with cold chain criteria. The impact on products which have been out of their designated temperature range can have very serious health and financial implications.

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