How it works?

Safe Freight is primarily formed from a collaboration of driver training, the use of modern technology, impenetrable security management and adherence to rigid procedures. Driver Training

All of our drivers attend vulnerability awareness courses prepared by RMI (Risk Management International). Due to the threat of ‘tiger kidnapping’, or the potential for driver collusion with criminals, it is our policy to exclude dependence on any single individual to signal an alert. Through the use of security technology we have ring-fenced our activities with additional layers of precautions. We confine driver co-operation to being just one of our methods of alert rather than having the driver be the sole mechanism to indicate distress.

Use of Technology

Safe Freight focuses on the principle of placing the security technology as near the product as can be achieved. We have constructed a satellite tracking system which is trailer mounted. This differs significantly from what is generally available in the industry. Virtually all transport operators fit the satellite tracking unit to the tractor unit (cab). This is a cheaper option for the carriers but is infinitely less effective in protecting the consignment.

Our systems provide:
  • Panic Alarms which are worn on the person of the driver. Should the driver be removed from the vehicle the alarm can still be activated
  • Anti Hi-Jack Braking System
  • Route Deviation Alert
  • Geo Fencing
  • Live Tracking access which provides real time information
  • Uncoupled Alarm
  • Alarmed Rear Doors
  • Route Replay
Impenetrable Security

For operational reasons we are restricted from providing a detailed insight into our security management. What we can state is that there is always an input from: our national police force (An Garda Siochana), the customer, our risk advisors( RMI), and the management of DNFS.


Safe Freight is procedure driven. These practical procedures support a highly protected supply chain, which ensures an instant response capability to any alarm activations. The Garda Communications Centre at Harcourt Street, Dublin is pre-alerted to all movements of freight planned by DNFS.

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