Safe Freight

Core Activity of Our Business

Safe Freight is the security focused transport capability provided by DNFS to satisfy the most stringent criteria established for the carriage of high risk and high consequence goods by road. This service has been developed through interaction with our customers, whose products’ characteristics necessitate a significantly greater level of security than is usual in order to counteract the many threats to product integrity.

Service with value

Safe Freight combines premium service with value. An emerging benefit to using Safe Freight is our compatibility with the security requirement of the US Customs and Border Protection’s C-TPAT and EU Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) through our certification ISO 28000 Security Management System for the Supply Chain. ISO 28000 was developed in response to the transportation and logistics industries’ need for a commonly applicable security management system specific to supply chain security.

NSAI Accreditation

DNFS are the first indigenous Irish licensed carrier to achieve certification to ISO 28000 Security Management System for the Supply Chain. The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) has rigorously audited DNFS and certified them to this international standard. NSAI certification is an independent verification of the quality of security management and confirms the professional and operational strength of the organisation.

All-Risks Insurance

Safe Freight offers free all-risks insurance on consignments carried. This differs greatly from other service providers. Safe Freight protects the customer from suffering any loss. There is no excess on the policy nor will there be any shortfall. DNFS is making the commitment to pay the entire agreed value for any individual consignment lost or damaged whilst in our custody.

Load Locator

Customers can avail of our new online real time tracking service, Load Locator. This service enables authorised users to identify the precise location of consignments. A shipping co-ordinator simply enters the relevant load reference and Load Locator will display the current location of the trailer carrying the consignment.

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