Kalmar Shunters

Kalmar Shunter - David Nestor Freight Services
Our clients are eager to see professionalism applied to all areas. DNFS now use Kalmar towing tractors to ensure efficiency in intensive shunting duties. These ergonomically designed machines allow an operator to safely and quickly reposition large numbers of trailers.

Support Vehicle

Intensive utilisation of equipment is a feature of effective transport operations. The time available to conduct spot checks and routine maintenance is often limited. DNFS operate its own support vehicle which is a fully equipped mobile workshop to ensure compliance with RTA (Road Traffic Act, 2005) legislation and to minimise avoidable breakdowns.

Work Platform

Work Platform - DNFS
This in-house designed piece of equipment is an example of the innovative thinking of DNFS. It combines operator safety with ease of use. Lining a truck with a protective sheet to prevent loose substances from lodging can be carried out from the security of the platform where the operator can roll out the sheet and secure it to the floor.

Fuel & Tool Buggy

Fuel Tool Buggy - David Nestor Freight Services

Off-site locations create additional demands. This vehicle allows for the storage of diesel in a bunded tank and the provision of a tool chest in a mobile unit.

Mobile Loading Solution

Mobile Loading Solution- David Nestor Freight Services

Not all of the clients’ locations we encounter are equipped with facilities to access containers. We can position mobile loading ramps and mechanical handling equipment onto sites for our customers in order to satisfy specific requirements.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems
DNFS have custom designed and constructed conveyor systems for handling and loading loose bulk material. A detailed description of the use of this specialist equipment is to be found in International Bulk Logistics under Services.

Rigid Lorries

Rigid Lorries
The availability of rigid lorries is an important aspect of a complete logistics capability. They are economical for the movement of smaller consignments, and are necessary for making deliveries in cordoned areas such as Dublin city centre during the Driving Ban 7am- 7 pm.

Mobile Wash

Mobile Wash
DNFS have invested in a mobile wash plant to complement our policy on vehicle presentation. In situations where vehicles return infrequently to our depot, or where equipment is based in an offsite location, this piece of equipment is utilised where the environmental precautions permit, to maintain our standard of hygiene.

Our mobile wash plant is used in conjunction with our truck mounted hoist to provide a safe working environment for contending with washing requirements which entail elevation.

Diesel Bowser

The diversity of activities in which DNFS are involved requires the capability to move diesel in an appropriate tank to various parts of the operation. We operate a 2000 litre bunded tank to satisfy this requirement.
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