High Cube Curtainsiders

Curtainsider Trailer

DNFS maintain a consistent specification for all our curtain sided trailers. The side aperture is 122 inches (3099 millimeters) which can cater for maximum sized air freight. The anti-slash curtains are strengthened with a titanium mesh which prevents pilferage. There are aluminum rails behind the curtains to aid load stability. Of crucial importance for the safety of fork truck drivers is the Omega flooring which has, as part of its formation, a steel rail running from front to rear between each line of floorboards to prevent heavily laden forklifts from causing subsidence to the floor. Each trailer is fitted with our highly evolved satellite tracking and anti-hijack brake system. All trailers are fitted with roof markings to assist Garda air support.

In November 2011 we introduced a hybrid curtain sided trailer to our fleet. The features of this newly designed trailer contribute to reducing our running costs, as the trailer height has been modified by the use of a slim line chassis, and a reduction in the overall running height of the trailer.

We have referred to this trailer as being a hybrid, as we have inserted one meter high drop doors into the trailer design, which coupled with the use of aluminum batons, forms a solid side just behind the curtain. This design greatly enhances load stability, as well as making petty pilferage virtually impossible.

We are now including the use of the Henderson track load restraint system in all of our curtain sided trailer designs. This simplifies and makes safer the process for lashing and securing cargo.

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