Cold Chain Management

DNFS target the most challenging and stringent client demand in the area of cold chain transportation. We gear our service provision towards products which are especially sensitive to storage conditions and which have an absolute need for traceability and redundancy. A thorough application of Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 combined with the most diligent supply chain procedures provide DNFS’ clients with a strong level of certainty. Selecting DNFS as your carrier is a key step to ensure that your product safety is not comprised.

The service which DNFS offer blends the distinction we have achieved to become the first recipient in Ireland of ISO 28000 Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain, with advanced refrigeration solutions. A detailed introduction to DNFS’ product security approach can be viewed in the area Safe Freight. Safe Freight has particular relevance to the pharmaceutical sector where product tampering and counterfeiting can have critical consequences.


As a response to our understanding for the need to provide accurate traceability throughout the supply chain, DNFS have developed Load Locator. Load Locator iis an on-line real time tracking service which enables authorised users to identify the precise location of consignments throughout the entire transport journey. Additionally, it creates an audit trail for each journey detailing the precise route followed, which can be accessed through our website. DNFS also provide an audit trail of the load temperature and conditions from commencement to completion of each journey which is facilitated by the Blue Tree Telematics technology providing access to the datalogger on the refrigeration unit.

Uniquely, DNFS have also created a transport service which is focused on the carriage of Reefer Containers. We are in the position to provide similar data downloads from reefer containers as we do from refrigerated trailers at the point of delivery.

Historical Data Management

It is frequent practice for warehouse operatives to sign PODs accepting the transfer of ownership and responsibility for goods from consigner to consignee. In the absence of a printout, presenting the historical temperature data pertaining to the load environment for its entire journey, goods are often accepted which have been diminished in quality by breaches of the cold chain. The damage to the goods may not be visible and, consequently, inferior product can be further distributed, but which is no longer suitable for consumption. Any exposure out of defined storage conditions has negative influence on the quality of a product, which is difficult to define on the basis of appearance and smell observed. Therefore, a hundred percent certainty of safety of a product can only be assured by constant monitoring of temperature from the moment of production up to consumption.

DNFS offer the facility to our clients of information downloads for each journey carried on our refrigerated trailers as well as reefer containers. One of the ways in which DNFS excel over other transport providers is in our ability to provide information downloads immediately upon delivery for reefer containers. This is made possible by the investment we have made in equipment and technology specifically focused on the transportation of products carried under strict cold chain criteria.


DNFS deal with clients whose products have no tolerance to change in their environmental conditions. Servicing this business necessitates complex failsafe systems. We can provide combinations of compatible independent systems which can function concurrently in order to create redundancy. Examples of this approach include:



A) DNFS have fitted Thermo king SGSM 3000 gensets to conventional refrigerated road trailers. The conventional refrigerated road trailer is fitted with ThermoKing SLX 400e refrigeration unit. This unit has the capability of operating, either using its own diesel motor, or by being plugged into a three phase power supply. In order to achieve the assurance that the product stability could be guaranteed, DNFS power the ThermoKing SLX 400e refrigeration unit from the SGSM 3000 Genset attached to the underside of the trailer. This mimics the trailer being plugged into a three phase power supply. In the event of a malfunction occurring with the SGSM 3000 Genset and power generation ceases, the diesel motor of the SLX 400e will automatically engage overcoming the threat to the products’ integrity.

B) Products can be placed in a Euroengel FO330 FDN Temperature Controlled Storage Container. The FO330 container is set to the optimum temperature and then placed inside a conventional refrigerated road trailer. The temperature of the SLX 400e refrigerated unit fitted to the trailer is set to the same preferred temperature as the FO330 container. Should the refrigerated system on the FO330 container fail, then the external temperature within the load-space will be at the optimum temperature preventing any impact on the product.

The combination of A) and B) above can be provided should it be determined that an additional layer of protection is necessary.

Effective HACCP planning

It is not possible to apply HACCP principles without respecting the necessity to have thorough transport procedures in place. One should not lose sight of the fact that products spend a considerable proportion of their lifespan in transport and distribution networks, either as raw material or processed goods. DNFS offer to our clients a transparent and verifiable transport service. We are confident that we will always obligate our duties and responsibilities when representing our clients.

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